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over 20 years of professional experience.

VClean Cleaning Services is one of the premiere janitorial service companies that carries over 20 years of professional experience in janitorial cleaning and commercial building maintenance related service
We can handle all aspects of your property maintenance needs in Canada. From exterior and interior building maintenance services to seasonal services such as snow removal and lawn care, we can incorporate all of your needs into one simple package. High quality and superior janitorial and property maintenance services are provided by our expert staff, and fully monitored by VClean Cleaning Services Management.

most effective and cost efficient Cleaning Service

VClean Cleaning Services work in conjunction with corporations and property management firms to ensure that their scope of work is delivered in the most effective and cost efficient manner. Specializing in daily, weekly, monthly janitorial services and cleaning services, we can service an size of facility. We offer a full-range of contract and on-demand facility service solutions.