Category: <span>Janitorial Cleaning</span>

Janitorial Cleaning

We offer premium janitorial services. We can clean homes, offices and other properties. We also offer building and façade cleaning via suspended working

Floor Cleaning

floor cleaning services from the experts at ServiceMaster Clean to help extend the life of flooring.

Retail Cleaning

Our specialist retail cleaning division provides a range of services to both small boutiques, large department stores and shopping malls.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services offered by CSG include: Janitorial Services. CSG provides high quality janitorial services that meet your specific requirements.

Industrial Cleaning

Heavy machinery is also used for cleaning in large areas. The industrial cleaning contractor may be contracted to clean large factories, generating plants etc.

Hotel Cleaning

Hotel Cleaning Services consists of an expert management team dedicated to the needs of the hospitality industry.


Cleaning & degreasing process utilizes Trichloroethylene as a cleaning agent with aqueous cleaning as an option.